Tattoo Ideas - Different Tattoos and Their Meanings

A lot of individuals that get tattoos tend struggle to make a choice. There is a wide variety of tattoos out there that have already been designed. Then again; you could also come up with your own tattoo ideas and make a customized work of art. If that sounds like a lot of work, consider looking through all the tattoo ideas we put in front of you today. It's possible that one of them could be the perfect choice.

Most of us get inked because there is some sort of meaning behind the tattoo. It's a way to express ourselves through art, even if it is on our body. Here are some of the different tattoos you might consider, as well as the meanings behind them:

* Angel Tattoo Designs

One of the most popular choices out there today, the Angel tattoo is a symbol of devotion, faith, and spirituality. Some people get angel tattoos to signify their relationship with others, while others get them as a tribute to a lost loved one or friend.

There are pre-designed versions of angel tattoos or you can customize your own. It really depends on your personal preference and what is going on in your life at that time. Oh, angel tattoos are also inked for guidance and protection.

* Butterfly Tattoos

Anytime you see a butterfly tattoo, 99% of the time it will be worn by a woman. These are considered to be a more feminine approach to wearing a tattoo. Women usually have them placed on the foot, ankle, the tailbone, or the pelvic area.

Depending on the design, some butterflies will express more of the fictional world. Enchanted forest and gardens produce some of the most radiant butterflies known to man. Well, in our imaginations anyways.

* Crosses

A couple decades ago, a lot of people were getting cross tattoos to symbolize their religious beliefs. Every tattoo parlor will have a book full of crosses you can have inked on your body. However, it's important to understand that every cross has meaning. Make sure you choose wisely. In fact, here are a couple of examples of different crosses and their meanings:

* Christian cross - Definitely the most popular choice, the Christian cross symbolizes the return of Jesus Christ from the dead.

* Celtic cross - This is more of an ethnic heritage cross. Most of the individuals inked in Celtic are either from Ireland, Scotland, or Wales.

* Gothic cross - Individuals are considered "Goth" tend to get the Gothic cross.

* Memorial - The loss of a loved one will constitute the use of a memorial cross.

These are only a handful of the hundreds of cross tattoos available.

* Eagles

If you come across an eagle tattoo, it is most likely on a man. Most of the time, they are designed to represent freedom and patriotism. During the Vietnam War, it was one of the most recognized tattoos in the military. Today, eagle designs are still popular, but some of them hold different meanings. There are plenty of pre-designed versions available, but a lot of people opt for custom work.

One thing to understand is this isn't just any eagle. It's actually the American Eagle that has made a major impact in the tattoo industry.

* The Fiction Category

When discussing fictional tattoos, there is a wide variety of options available. In the old days it was all about your favorite childhood cartoon character. People would dawn Mickey Mouse, Popeye, and several other characters on their body. However, as years went on it switched over to fantasy-fiction. This was due in part to the technology in the movies where some sci-fi had cult-like followings.

The three most notable to date are characters from the Star Wars movies, Lord of the Rings, and even Avatar. Then of course there are fictional animals like the unicorn and Pegasus that have been known to be used.

* Heart Symbols

While the American Eagle was popular during Vietnam and beyond, heart tattoos were more popular during World War II. After years away from their wives and girlfriends, the military men would get heart tattoos with their loved one's name in it. Today, heart symbols are still to show love, but there are several new designs available.

* Pinup Girls

Another World War II phenomenon was the pinup girl tattoo. You don't see these nearly as much as you used to, but some guys get them from time to time. However, the main focus is around cartoon versions of a hot movie star or model. Then again; it might just be a cartoon character with extraordinary curves on the body. Whatever the case may be; they're definitely a fun and entertaining tattoo to show-off.

* Skull Tattoos

We used to see skull tattoos everywhere in the biker world. It was another way to accent your toughness or allegiance to a gang. Over time skull tattoos were utilized more when Pirates of the Caribbean surfaced in the movie theaters. The following has been enormous since the original was released in theaters. Both offer a different type of skull tattoo.

* Zodiac Signs and Symbols

Earlier we mentioned people getting Pegasus tattoos, but that's only the beginning of the Zodiac symbols and signs. Some prefer to dawn their Zodiac sign that gives others a clue as to when they were born. Then there are others that focus on the constellations and stars.

If you're into Greek or Roman mythology, there will be plenty of options at your disposal.

The Additional List

We've only touched upon some of the tattoo ideas you can utilize. There are literally thousands of different tattoo designs, and each one of them offers some sort of meaning. All you have to do is get creative and the perfect tattoo will take shape. It might come from one of the ideas above, or you could open up the "creative box" and make a one-of-a-kind tattoo. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you enjoy the ink on your body.