Lily Tattoos

Body art is a great form of self expression. People get tattoos to display their ideas, inspirations, interests, or to honor loved ones. Flower tattoos are the most popular types of images people get. If you are looking for a flower to add to your tattoo design, then the lily can add color and personality to your body art.

Lily Tattoo Ideas

In addition to hundreds of preexisting designs of lilies, you can also design your own lily tattoo. You are only limited by your imagination and the skill of the tattoo artist. Here are some ideas for lily tattoos:

  • A single lily in the color of your choice interwoven with words or names
  • A bouquet of lilies in one color or multiple colors
  • As a backdrop to a more prominent image
  • A string of lilies flowing down the back or side
  • Stylized lilies spanning the width of the lower or upper back
  • Tribal band of tiny lilies around the wrist, upper arm, neck, or waist
  • Large lily on the back of the hand
  • Small lily on the top of the foot


Tips for Getting a Lily Tattoo

Tattoos are permanent. The only way to get rid of one is to cover it up with another tattoo or undergo painful laser removal treatments. Therefore, you must be certain that you want a tattoo and you need to take time to find an image you will love looking at for the rest of your life. If you have any doubts, wait a few months to see if you change your mind. You can also try out temporary tattoos to see how well you enjoy having ink on your body.

Think hard about the design you want. You will be living with this tattoo forever, so make sure it is a design you like in 20 or 30 years. You also need to consider your future employment. Although tattoos are socially acceptable, many businesses are very conservative and frown on visible tattoos. You need to think about the tattoo’s placement, especially if you are going in an industry like banking where a certain level of professionalism is required.

Lastly, when you find the design you like take a picture to the tattoo artist to provide him or her with an idea of what you want. Before the first drop of ink is spilled, the two of you need to come to an understanding about what the tattoo will look like. It is also a good idea to make sure all the words in a text tattoo are spelled correctly. You don’t want to live the rest of your life dealing with an unfortunate typo.

About Lilies

Lilies are large flowers grown from bulbs. They prefer the temperate climate of the northern hemisphere but many species can be found in the subtropics. Overall there are 110 species of lilies and some are even edible. They are available in a wide range of colors including orange, yellow, red, violet, white, and various mixed colors like red-gold and yellow-white.

The Symbolism of Lilies

Lilies have been catching the eye of artists since 1580 B.C. Some of the first images of lilies were found in a villa in Crete. The Greeks loved these flowers and featured them prominently in mythological tales. In fact, the word lily is derived from the Greek word “leiron”, and the Greek story of their creation is that the flowers sprouted from the milk of Zeus’ wife Hera, the queen of the Greek pantheon.

In Christianity, white lilies are a symbol of the Virgin Mary. Thus, they represent chastity and virtue. Lilies are also the traditional flower of Easter which, in Christian mythology, is when Jesus rose from the dead. This may be why white lilies are also associated with death and funerals. Lilies with three petals represent the religion’s trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

In the Language of Flowers, different types of lilies have different meanings:

  • Tiger = Pride, wealth
  • Yellow = Happy
  • Calla = Beauty
  • Day = Mother (Chinese), Coquetry
  • Eucharis = Maiden
  • Orange = Hatred
  • Pink stargazer = Prosperit
  • Lily of the Valley = Sweetness, Humility, Happiness

Lilies of the Valley are the flowers given for 2nd anniversaries and all other lilies are the flowers given for 30th anniversaries. Lilies are also the birth month flowers for May.