Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Finding the right tattoo can be a challenge. There are thousands upon thousands of designs available, so narrowing your choices to just one can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If you want a tattoo that is simple but still meaningful, consider getting a chrysanthemum tattoo or incorporating the flower into your design.

Chrysanthemum Tattoo Ideas

How you use chrysanthemums in your tattoo designs depends a lot on your preferences and the effect you want to achieve. If you are looking for something simple, you can base your design on the flower itself. For example,

  • Have a simple chrysanthemum tattooed on different parts of the body such as the shoulder or top of the foot
  • Get a tribal tattoo around the wrist, waist, neck, or arm featuring interconnected flowers
  • For a more gothic look, incorporate a skull in the center of the flower
  • Incorporate words or names using the stem of a chrysanthemum
  • Tattoo a bouquet of chrysanthemums down the center of the back or side of the body

Chrysanthemums can also form the backdrop for or be incorporated into large and elaborate designs. You can get a giant motorcycle across your back with chrysanthemums woven through the wheels. Another idea is to create a garden featuring different kinds of flowers. A sword and shield surrounded by chrysanthemums make for a noble and meaningful tattoo.

About Chrysanthemums

Also known as mums or chrysanths, chrysanthemums are perennial flowers native to Europe and Asia. However, it was first cultivated in China during the 15th century BC. There are approximately 30 different types of these flowers that grow in several colors including white, pink, and yellow. In general, chrysanthemums have large heads, and the plants grow between 50 and 150 cm tall. In some parts of Asia, yellow and white chrysanthemums are made into a sweet drink called chrysanthemum tea. The Japanese celebrate the flower each year during the Festival of Happiness.

The Symbolism of Chrysanthemums

The chrysanthemum derives its name from a combination of the Greek words “chrys” which means golden and “anthemion” which means flower because the original flower was golden in color. However, through years of breeding, chrysanthemums now bloom in multiple colors.

Chrysanthemums feature prominently in John Steinbeck’s short story “The Chrysanthemums”, which is about a woman name Elisa who deals with the frustrations of her life by growing a garden full of these flowers. In the story, chrysanthemums symbolize femininity, fertility, sexuality and, in the end, dashed hopes.

In Japan, these flowers represent the sun and the way the petals unfold when they open symbolize perfection in Taoism. In general, chrysanthemums are the symbols of joy, optimism, and cheerfulness. In the Language of Flowers, red chrysanthemums mean “I love you”, white symbolize truth, and yellow stands for slighted love. These flowers are the official flower of Chicago, the birth flower of November, and the flowers given during the 13th wedding anniversary.

Your options for integrating these beautiful flowers into your tattoo design are unlimited. Use the Internet to find images that inspire you and work with an experienced and creative tattoo artist to develop a design you love.